Game Park Project (Big 5) and par-time Child care Outreach Project.

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Your home while you are with us is situated in the historical village of the Eastern Cape, which is within the Game Reserve itself, situated at a 5 star Hotel Resort (African Modern Style Resort). The Game park village is situated near Port-Elizabeth.


Volunteers must be 18 years or older, unless accompanied by an adult.  No specific skills or qualifications are necessary besides a reasonable level of fitness, and a willingness to help at the Game park. 


This project is one of our most Popular projects, you get great value for money and stay in the most amazing setting at the game Park. (The price for our Game park is an all inclusive package) except flights.   This Project is ideal for volunteers interested in having a true African experience whilst experiencing the wild animals of South Africa and living in comfort. You will be staying at 5 star hotel (5 star dorm style rooms) in South Africa.

Situated in a Lovely setting this is an amazing Opportunity to work with the BIG 5 Animals of South Africa and experience Game Ranger life style. Volunteers have various duties such as conservation, working with Lion Cubs and Cheetahs, Game park drives, eradication of alien plants, caring for sick animals such as lion cubs, assisting in elephant training, assisting in game captures, feeding of animals, game counting of the animals, interacting with guests if you want too, accompanying the rangers on game drives and much, much more.

We operate in an amazing environment and tasks and duties will change from time to time. This is an opportunity of a life time.  (Most our volunteers extend their trip), because its such an amazing experience.

As a Volunteer at Our Game park project, you will have the opportunity to work with less privileged orphaned children and assist at the Reptile Centre Once a week.  You will also gain experience working at the rehabilitation Centre working with Lion Cubs, Cheetahs and many other animals that have been captured from sickness in the wild.

During your stay, You will gain experience as an "assistant Game Park, conservation manager."  All of the work done by you will improve the quality of the reserve. All the data collected by you will be utilized by management in making important conservation decisions for the reserve. As a volunteer you therefore derive a good deal of satisfaction from your work, as your efforts directly contribute to improving the reserve.

Once you are finished at our Amazing Game Park Project you will have full knowledge of the South African animals, and you will have experience on being a Game Park Ranger.

You can also do Game Ranger Management Courses at the Park. (Please let me know if you would like further information on this). 


Volunteers will be housed in dorm style (5 star hotel accommodation) which has its own dining area, lounge area, kitchen area, fireplace, and entertainment facilities,
Free wi-fire, Tv, pool table and all that you could need. The accommodation is situated within the village located within the reserve where you will get to work alongside trained volunteer program coordinators.  Delicious Breakfast, Lunch and dinner will be provided to you every day. (Hotel quality meals). Our accommodation is neat and comfortable and clean. (5 star dorms).


Volunteers will be met at the Port Elizabeth International airport On a Monday by our friendly staff (before 5pm) and be transported to your accommodation at the Game Park.   Orientation will take place on the Monday or Tuesday during the day once you have settled in. Orientation is a Great experience (seeing the Hotel and large property and all that is has to offer). 


1 free scheduled Excursion is offered weekly (except activities).  You will get to visit Port-elizabeth, Eastern Cape free of charge. (saving you around $150 in trip costs).  We also offer trips around the surrounding areas (at an additional cost) if you would like to take part in: bungee jumping, water sport activities, Zip lining, riding elephants and rhino watching.

Volunteers will be advised on what to bring along with them. Please don't forget to pack: warm and cool bush clothing, binoculars, hats, sun screen lotion, extra money for additional activities and Gardening Gloves. 


You will be provided with the following FREE items of clothing which are worn at the reserve:
• 1 x Free Big 5 Game park T-Shirt
• 1 x Free Game Park Peak Cap


Population:  49,320,000 
Official languages:  English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu
Climate:  Temperate climate
Currency:  Rand (ZAR)
Time zone:  SAST (UTC+2)

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