Does your organisation need volunteers?

Volunteer in South Africa as an organisation dealing with volunteers and has the means to provide your organisation with enthusiastic and committed volunteers from all over the world. We aim to working with volunteers that want to add to the community and help as many poor people as possible through telling them about Jesus and helping the children/ projects as a whole. We aim to working with the children and helping them to become a sound being: Emotionally, Physically, intellectually, socially, environmentally, physically and spiritually.

Benefits of having our volunteers:

  • Our volunteers will help increase your organisation's effectiveness at no cost.
  • Help your organisation save funds by having extra helping hand, so you can use the funds for other important needs.
  • Get hands on assistance from a person willing to offer their time for free to help others.
  • Add an international viewpoint to your organisation
  • Add cultural diversity to your organisation â��as the volunteers come mainly from overseas

Steps taken by: Volunteer in South Africa to bring the volunteer to you:

  • We Find the volunteers for you
  • Liase with them through phone calls and emailing them
  • Bring them or arrange for them to get to your projects location
  • Provide an in-country orientation and/or arrange airport transfers for the volunteers
  • Organise Accommodation for the volunteers and meals
  • Provide support to volunteers whilst they are at the project Volunteer in South Africa will provide full support and assist in ensuring that the volunteer project is carried out successfully and satisfactory.

How to get a volunteer from Volunteer in South Africa:

  • Contact Volunteer in South Africa team, contact details are below
  • Explain your need for a volunteer and give details of the project
  • Arrange a meeting for us to meet you and discuss the details of the project with our team.
  • Supply us with all the information of what you need the volunteer for, the times you may need him/ her and the days you need them to help out.
  • Once an agreement is reached, Volunteer in South Africa will source your organisation with volunteers to ensure good results for the project
Contact Details:
Tel mobile: (079) 138 6116
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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