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Volunteer in South Africa offers Volunteer opportunities, Missions trips and Gap year Projects, reaching out to the poor people in need, Adding HOPE and LOVE into their lives. We offer short term mission trips for volunteers and missionaries who want to make a meaningful impact in South Africa and Africa at large.  You can come as an individual person or come with a few friends. .
Coffee Bay Child care and Teaching Project 


This project is based in a Beautiful un-touched Tropical Coastal region of South Africa,  in a Lovely Rural village called Coffee bay. You will get to meet the real Xhosa Tribes and experience Real Rural Africa. The wild coast is still so beautiful and is perhaps the most beautiful part of South Africa you will see.  With rolling hills and African huts on the hills it makes it so unique and special.
The Wild Coast, Coffee Bay has a poor infrastructure, struggling schools and a neglected healthcare system. We are working together to try and improve this in the Area.
The village is based around beautiful Coastal beaches, where Surfing life is very popular and so are daily hikes Surfing and surf lessons and Horse riding. 
There is no shortage of activities in this Adventure paradise. You can surf, Go fishing and enjoy Great hikes. The hole in the wall is also Close by, this is a Great place to relax at during your spare time.  
You are bound to have a Great time enjoying these Activities whilst living in a Tropical atmosphere. Transkei is one of the most Tropical areas in South Africa (yet it’s not too humid).
There is also a weekly home Group, church group that you can attend if you wish too.


All volunteers must be 18 years old, unless accompanied by their parents and although educational experience is helpful, no qualifications or prior skills are necessary. However, volunteers must be motivated, have initiative, work hard, be prepared to live in rustic african conditions and have a desire to work with young people. All volunteers must have adequate travel insurance (hospital cover advised).


The School has around 200 students that have a great need for assistant teachers.  As an assistant teacher you will help assist the teacher that teachers around 40 children alone.  ( there is a huge need for assistant teachers in the area). The children come from very Poor back-grounds and many lack Parenting.  The Children are aged between 5 & 15 years of age.
The school runs from 8h00 to 1pm or 2pm weekdays. 
The school requires helpers to help teach the children one on one mainly, crafts, arts, general creative activities, maths and science and biology teachers and educational programmes.  
One of our greatest desires is for the children to speak english & do beter at their school work, so your help and assistance with this will be so much appreciated.
We have a big vegetable garden that we also need to up keep at the backpackers.  We aim to keep feeding the children Nutritious meals. So as a volunteer, you can also help with this if you would like too.
We also have a lot of "buildings that need attention” so it would be amazing if you would like to assist us with fixing up the buildings, especially at the backpackers - there is a huge need for help here.  The backpackers also has a great need to reach out to the community, so the more we can up keep the place- the more people will have Jobs and get employed.
The children love having one on one attention from the volunteers. So this will be much appreciated from you.


Volunteers will be housed, at a local tropical lodge (situated at the beach and next to the Bomvu Tropical river, TRUE PARADISE).  The Property mainly runs self sufficiently- African style with candles, sometimes there is hot water, Other-wise the water is cold water (which can be refreshing after a hard days work).   Please be prepared for African Style living at the Lodge, in an African atmosphere, It is however an amazing experience. The accommodation is comfortable African style and situated at the Bomvu Beach.  We do like to try and give our volunteers the very best we can.
Please budget on an additional food amount of:  $35 / £25 - $45 / £35 Per week for food.


You can fly from the Large international airport on arrival to South Africa, being Cape town or Johannesburg Airport to The nearest airport closest to Coffee bay, which is Mthatha - 1 hour away from Coffee Bay.  Or You can Fly to East London Airport (which is generally cheaper than flying to Umthata).  East london or Umthata airport are the closest airports to Coffee bay.  If you arrive at Umthata airport then you will be collected from the airport on arrival - and the travel in the car will then be 1 hour, and if you arrive in East London, then you will need to sleep over-night in East London and then be collected from the backpackers you stay at with the (this is a local tourist bus that collects volunteers from each backpackers in South Africa).
Basic Orientation will be done within 24 hours of your arrival and will cover basic responsible conduct, safety, transport, activities, food and supplies and a basic tour of the village and relevant projects.


Population: 49,320,000
Official languages: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu
Climate: Temperate climate
Currency: Rand (ZAR)
Time zone: SAST (UTC+2)

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