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Joining Volunteer in South Africa offers you the best time to explore most parts of South Africa if you wish too. This may be the best time that you may have in your life-time...
South Africa is truly a Beautiful country. Most our Volunteers choose to visit each of our Projects for 2 weeks, this way you get to explore South Africa in a safe environment (whilst making new friends along the way).
Most our Volunteers visit each of our locations and they travel on the  (quote Volunteer in South Africa).
This Tour service is a great way to see South Africa and especially the Garden route as you will be able to hop on and off the bus and visit each town you choose to stay at for the night.
To get a feel for South Africa and especially our Wild Coast Project, click on this link: 

Projects to visit:

Here’s information on how your trip could look (You can choose which location suits you best, or you can visit all our locations):
  • If you visit our Game Park Project then you will get to work with the BIG 5 animals of South Africa (Cheetah, Lion, Buck, Zebra, Elephant) and enjoy driving on the Game Ranger trucks whilst experiencing the Bush life of Africa. You will also get the chance to go on FREE EXPEDITIONS on the weekends to the Worlds highest BUNGY JUMP, Tsitsikamma canopy tours, storms river kayaking and many more fun activities (please note activities are not free, only the tour service).
  • Then you could Join our Jeffrey’s Bay Backpackers Project or our Surfing project. Here you will get to meet lots of Travellers and you will get a FREE SURF LESSON and get to see the WORLD CLASS WAVE: SUPER TUBES. The billabong PRO contests are held on this beach. Jeffrey’s bay is a well Known Surfers Village based 1 hour from Port-Elizabeth. At this location you will get to work with the children in the township in the mornings and help teach many less Privileged Orphaned children.
  • Then you can Join our Cape Town Project and explore the beautiful Cape. You can climb Table Mountain on the weekends, visit the waterfront and catch the trains to and from different Amazing Tourist attractions. In Cape Town you can get involved in our Surfing project, Child care project and help out with bringing the word to the children and praying with them if you want too. (We do love it if you want to do this at all our projects). Cape Town is a beautiful City. Our project is based on the outskirts of the city in an awesome surfer’s village called MUIZENBERG BEACH. This is the best Learn to surf beach in South Africa and there are shark watchers, so you don’t need to worry.
  • Then we have many more Projects in Africa that you can Visit. Please see our site for further information on our other amazing Projects.
You can also fly from each location with the following airlines: 

You can also rent a cheap budget car (ask for backpackers rates and let them know volunteer in South Africa referred you for the best price) or (ask for backpackers rates for special rates).
The 3 main airports you will need to fly into are either: JOHANNESBURG, PORT ELIZABETH OR CAPE TOWN. We will let you know which airport to fly into before you book your flight.

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