Cape town Children's Hospital Project (and surfing project)

Do you want to work at a children's hospital in Cape town, helping the less privileged sick children? If so then this is the perfect project for you.

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“Help out at our Children's Hospital in Cape town and assist with surfing in the afternoons”.

Volunteer programs begin every Monday of the month and departures are also every Monday of the Month.  Volunteers can choose from 1 week to 90 days (You will get a 90 day visa on entry as long as you hold a USA, EU or British Passport).  The children's hospital in Cape town is the only hospital in South Africa that is dedicated to working with children only. The children come form less privileged backgrounds and many of them are there for months in the hospital. We have a great need for volunteers to come and help assist us with: reading to them, playing with them, assisting the nurses and helping out in general within the hospital. The project runs from Monday to friday working in the hospital from 9am-3pm daily. (You dont need to be qualified to join this project) yet if you have qualifications then you will be able to work a little more hands on with the children (alongside the nurses) Please send us your qualifications so we can share it with the hospital staff before your arrival. We appreciate all volunteers, qualified and not qualified. You can choose to also join our Surfing project in the afternoons if you would like too. The surfing project involves learning to surf and teaching the less privileged children to surf. If you wish to join our Surfing project and Hospital project then please see the 2nd table below for the fees.
HOSPITAL PROJECT FEES Due 1.5 months before arrival:

4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks 9 weeks 10 weeks 11 weeks 12 weeks 13 weeks
$925 $1100 $1275 $1448 $1625 $1798 $1973 $2147 $2322 $2495
£730 £866 £1004 £1140 £1280 £1415 £1553 £1690 £1828 £1964
814euros 968euros 1122euros 1275euros 1430euros 1582euros 1735euros 1888euros 2043euros 2195euros
1273AUD 1513AUD 1754AUD 1992AUD 2235AUD 1474AUD 2714AUD 2953AUD 3194AUD 3432AUD
R13390 R15920 R18450 R20980 R23510 R26040 R28570 R31100 R33630 R36130 


4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks 9 weeks 10 weeks 11 weeks 12 weeks 13 weeks
$1140 $1358 $1576 $1795 $2015 $2233 $2447 $2648 $2841 $3083
£899 £1070 £1240 £1414 £1587 £1758 £1927 £2085 £2237 £2428
1002euros 1195euros 1386euros 1578euros 1772euros 1964euros 2152euros 2329euros 2499euros 3084euros
1568AUD 1868AUD 2168AUD 2469AUD 2772AUD 3072AUD 3366AUD 3642AUD 3907AUD 4240AUD
R16470 R19620 R22770 R25945 R29120 R32270 R35370 R38275 R41070 R44570

If you choose to stay longer than 10 weeks then you will get a 10% discount off the above 10 weeks fees. 
Prices exclude once off Registration admin fee of $270/ £203. This registration fee reserves your place with us. (we will send you proof of payment received as soon as your registration fee comes in).

What do your fees pay for?

Registration Fee – Web-design Costs, Program marketing costs, administration costs, Volunteer in Sa fund, and communication costs with volunteers.
Volunteer Program Fee – Airport pick up/ return delivery (Arrive on a Monday, depart on a Monday), Orientation, Program staff supervision, Accommodation, Internet at the house- free wi-fi, free welcoming dinner on arrival, Staff support for the Volunteers, and in-country administration and Project running costs, 1 free surf lesson and use of the surfing gear is included if you choose to join our Surfing project in the afternoon.

What additional costs will you have?

The Volunteer must provide for the following:
  • Please budget $50 per week for food shopping. We have a fully equipped kitchen you can cook in.
  • All volunteers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure for vaccinations.
  • Travel insurance- hospital cover (mandatory). 
  • Please budget around $15 per week for transport (our staff will go with you to the project). 
- Mobile phone, You need to get your phone opened up to work every-where. You an buy a cheap South African sim card and internet data for cheap in South Africa (its around $10 per week for 1 gig of data). A variety of mobile network carriers provide good coverage for mobile phones. It is normally more cost effective to locally purchase pay-as-you-go air-time and data bundles compared to roaming options.  
If you wish to go onto the internet then you will need to bring your laptop, we will provide you with the password for the internet.
- Spending money for essentials and souvenirs, also money for internet and a local phone is needed (if you wish to have a phone when you are here) We do recommend this to Volunteers as its good to be able to communicate with friends at home.

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