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This Project is located on the outskirts of Cape town city center at the one and only Children's Hospital in South Africa. We have a great need for volunteers to come and assist within the hopsital bringing the word to the children, pray, helping them with arts and crafts and assisting them in feeling loved.  The children come for very less privileged backgrounds and they don't get to see the outdoors being sick. The project is located in Mobray area of Cape town. (which is a 45 minute train ride from our accommodation) Our staff will go with you to the project so that you feel safe when travelling to and from the project.
There are lots of ATM'S and shops along the way to and from the project within fish hoek area (where the Volunteer house is situated). We are also surrounded by Cape Towns beautiful Mountains and seaside villages.  A truly spectacular City to Visit. (One of the best cities in the world). 
The Memorial Red cross children's Hospital is well known for: giving children support socially, and giving the children materials to play with and learn with (whilst they are in doors within the hospital). We aim to build on the children's lives: spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Your help is this regard is greatly appreciated in the children's lives.


Volunteers must be 18 years or older. If you are below 18 years old then you need be accompanied by an adult or your parents need to sign our release and waiver form. No specific skills or qualifications are necessary besides a love for children, a serving heart and a willingness to help.  All volunteers must have adequate travel insurance (hospital cover).


The children are aged between newly born to 15 years old. This Project gives you the opportunity to experience the Great need for medical assistance in Africa, and to reach out to the sick adding HOPE into their lives. The centers aim is at providing excellence in medical Care.  As a Volunteer you will be working alongside the clinic supervisors and all those who are willing to offer their time and help. The clinic is short staffed due to the large volume of children in need of medical assistance. You will experience the satisfaction of helping within this greatly rewarding atmosphere.  Your role as volunteer is very important as there is a lack of medical assistance in South Africa and Africa at large. Your main role as a volunteer will be to assist children with Prayer, doing activities with them such as reading, arts and crafts, 1 on 1 time or counselling with the children, and supporting the local staff with over-seeing the Medical Center and children's needs.  The children can speak English although some of their home languages are Xhosa or Afrikaans (they do also know how to speak English). Volunteer’s days are spent at the Clinic Center from 9am-3pm Monday to Friday.  If you want to get involved in our other projects too, then please let the clinic know on arrival that you will only be helping out at set allocated times.  
These children live in hugely poor environments (at home) so any clothes or arts And Crafts you can bring to help them will be of huge help and very much appreciated.  
 Your role as volunteer is very important in changing and shaping these children’s lives.  
This project is loads of fun and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.  Any old clothes, shoes, Underwear, food, arts and Crafts for the children and blankets are a welcome donation to the children.  They are always in need of these. The staff at the Hospital so appreciate Volunteers and with the area being in desperate need of clothes and food, these children really do appreciate your time and anything that you can bring along with you.


Volunteers will be housed in a comfortable and Safe Volunteer house. Volunteers will be taken to their projects alongside a staff member. Please budget $15 a week for public transport.  The Super market for buying food is a 2 mile walk away.  The volunteers usually shop together and cook together.  There is a fully equipped kitchen for volunteers to cook in. Please budget around $50 a week to buy groceries at the super-market. Fresh Bedding is provided but volunteers must bring their own towels.  Bottled water can be purchased locally.   The weather is warm and cool in the evenings. So please bring clothes for warm and cool weather.


Volunteers will be met at Cape town international airport and transported to their accommodation in Fish hoek Cape town. You need to arrive on a Monday before 5pm and depart on a Monday (for the free pick up).  Basic Orientation will take place on the morning after arrival or on the day of arrival.  It will cover Basic cultural and safety aspects, transport to and from projects (our staff will be with you during travel to and from the projects). 


Volunteers should primarily bring clothing suitable for warm and cool evening weather (year round). Due to the non-westernised nature of those parts, clothing should be of a conservative nature, particularly with ladies (Please don’t wear short shorts or short skirts). 
Jackets for rainy weather as well as for cooler winter nights are recommended.


Official languages:  English, Afrikaans and Xhosa
Climate:  Warm and cool.
Currency:  South African rands.
Time zone:  African Central Time(UTC+2) Harare, Pretoria

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