Coffee bay Bush camp - Live amongst the "African" people.

Is God calling you to feel freedom whilst living in true tranquility? If so then this is the perfect project for you. Living amongst the true African people within the heart of Coffee bay, a beautiful un touched coastline of South Africa.

“Work on Our Coffee Bay missions camp assisting with farming, building, teaching children and orphans, feeding people, Prayer and evangelism and house to house visits ". Its time to step out and experience what God has for you.
Situated in safe and secure beautiful surroundings in the heart of Coffee bay. Living amongst the true Rural African people.

This project is situated in Coffee bay, one of the most beautiful Bays in South Africa.  Coffee bay was founded many years ago when a Coffee Ship was wrecked on the Coastline of Coffee Bay. We are calling missionaries, volunteers and Leaders to come and help us on the Coffee bay Missions camp. We are Reaching out to many local African people assisting them with food, education, clothes and basic Medical assistance. We have a great need for missionaries to come and help us with farming and growing food for the community, and assisting us with building on the Missions camp, whilst teaching at our missions camp school.  Coffee bay is a rural part of Africa where people struggle daily without food and Jobs. Since the Corona virus epidemic, many people are struggling without food and medical assistance. We have set up a camp on our Missions camp farm within coffee bay where we stay as a team whilst assisting with relief aid within the area of Coffee bay. We are still social distancing whilst the virus is prominent in the area yet helping others in need.  We have a huge need for Clothes, shoes, soaps, toilet paper and food. If you wish to help fund this cause please 
click on this link to make a donation towards our Corona virus relief campaign or if you wish to join us as a volunteer please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 

Coffee Bay is surrounded by beaches and green rolling hills, very safe and untouched. Its the rural experience and way of living.   Please come and assist us in Investing in the lives of others during this much needed period. We are doing clothing and food and produce hand outs, praying for people and assisting with getting people to the hospital or Doctor if needed. 
This programme is based in the Remote Coastal village on the Transkei Coastline, where faith based people are working hard to make a real difference in the lives of the local community.  We really are in a great time of need, so any finances or volunteering help will go a far way.
As a Volunteer you can let us know what you expect from your time with us and what your passions are, so that you can enjoy doing what you love to do when you join our team. We also have a great need for help building up the Missions camp farm. We are currently building more accommodation so that more people can come and assist with our relief aid project. If you have any experience with building or managing projects then we really would love your assistance during these times.
Volunteer’s days are spent spending in time in worship and prayer, helping in the garden growing food for the community and assisting where needed at the Coffee bay missions camp.  We are currently busy building toilets, a septic tanks and dwellings on the farm.
It will be a Great privilege to have you Joining us adding HOPE and LOVE into the children’s lives, in the afternoons you may help the children with their home work and teaching sports activities with the children. The school currently has +- 200 children.
These costs below are minimal and include accommodation at a Lovely Coffee bay Missions camp, If you come for 3 months (as an intern-staff) then the fees will be reduced by $100 a week.  Our Coffee bay missions camp farm is off the grid so its basic living style with African people. You can choose to camp or stay in dorms or have a private unit to yourself.  If you prefer to stay in a Hotel then we are partnered with the local hotel and you can see all the details on this link:, Our fees below include: Airport return from Umthatha airport (which is 1 hour away from Coffee bay) Please make sure your flight arrives in the day time, Accommodation Camping style, Dorm style or a private unit, use of the basic Kitchen set up, orientation to the area and local language, a Volunteer in South Africa T-shirt. Please budget around $5 a week for the local taxi fee to visit our local shop for food and fresh produce, Please also budget around $45 a week for food. Our volunteers and team set up a roster together for cooking and everyone cooks together usually (unless you have specific food requirements) then you are welcome to cook for yourself.
Visas (you will get a FREE 3 months visa on entering South Africa as long as you Hold a EU, BRITISH OR USA Passport).  Prices exclude flights to South Africa and Umtata airport and travel insurance.  


The yellow highlighted below is for the 1st week only and includes airport transfer to and from umthatha airport,
The blue fee below is for every weeks stay except for the 1st week:

STAY FOR LESS THAN 4 WEEKS FEES (fee per person per week): 
CAMPING - fee per person per week $100 £80 91s
CAMPING- fee per person for the 1st week only (includes airportreturn) $175 £140 160  euros  R1700
DORM - fee per person per week $320 £250 290  euros R1400
DORM- fee per person for the 1st week only (includes airport return) $420 £330 380  euros R2200

STAY FOR 5 WEEKS - 11 WEEKS (fee per person per week):
CAMPING - fee per person per week $90 £72 82 euros R800
CAMPING- fee per person for the 1st week only (includes airport return)  $175 £140 160 euros R1650
DORM- fee per person per week $295 £233 267 euros R1200
DORM- fee per person for the 1st per week only (includes airport return) $399 £312 363 euros R2100

STAY FOR 12 WEEKS - 1 YEAR (fee per person per week):
CAMPING - fee per person per week $70 £56 65 euros R500
CAMPING- fee per person for the 1st week only (includes airport return)  $175 £140 160 euros R1300
DORM- fee per person per week $180 £142 165 euros R1000
DORM - fee per person for the 1st week only (includes airport return) $280 £220 252 euros R1800

TEAM ONLY FEES - Here's the Fees below per person per week for each week:
( The team leaders comes free of charge) excludes airport return fee:
CAMPING- fee for teams of 10 people or less $60 £48  55 euros R600
DORM - fee for teams of 10 people or less $120  £97 110 euros R840
CAMPING - fee for teams of 11- 20 people $55  £44 50 euros R490
DORM- fee for teams of 11- 20 people $90 £72 82 euros R790
CAMPING - fee for teams 21- 60 people $50 £40 45 euros R450
DORM - fee for teams 21 - 60 people $70 £56 64 euros R690
To reserve your place, there is no registration fee payable by teams to come and join us. If you are coming as an individual from USA, UK OR EUROPE or other countries there is a once off registration fee of $175 payable to reserve your place with us to join our Coffee bay Missions camp. Our admin team will send you proof of payment received as soon as we receive your registration fee (You can pay this via the donate button on our home page) or here is the link Please make the reference your name and surname.  The remainder of the weekly fees are due 1.5 months before departure from your Country.
What do your fees pay for?
  • Registration Fee – Web-design Costs, Program marketing costs, administration costs, Volunteer in Sa fund, and communication costs with volunteers, phone call costs, Organization costs, wi-fi and skype costs.
  • Volunteer Program Fee – Basic orientation to Coffee bay and the language, accommodation at our Coffee bay Missions camp, Missions camp housing and staff costs, Airport return pick up and drop off in umthatha and use of campus Kitchen.

What additional costs will you have?

*The Volunteer must provide for the following: 
  • Visa (you will get a 3 month visa on entry to South Africa free of Charge if you hold a : UK, USA, OR EUROPE PASSPORT),
  • All volunteers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure
  • Mobile phone/ internet charges. A variety of mobile network carriers provide good coverage for both mobile phones as well as internet facilities. It is normally more cost effective to locally purchase pay-as-you-go air-time and data bundles compared to roaming options.
  • Spending money for essentials, souvenirs, etc
  • If you wish to book a safari you can email our tours desk on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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