Feeding & Evangelism Project, Port-elizabeth South Africa

Do you want to feed the Underprivileged People with Natural food and Spiritual Food in Port Elizabeth?

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“Share your blessings with hungry humble people”.

The program runs daily – Monday to Friday, joining ebenezer Church and Projects.  Bradley and the Team, say: "They started the project to give something back to South Africa.  ‘’They saw how the people in the Townships lived.  It saddened them, so they decided to do something about it.”  People’s lives are such a struggle in South Africa and most of them don’t have sufficient food.  We wanted to fill their hungry tummies and bring God’s Word to them.  We have introduced a Christian foundation into their lives to teach them about God’s love and we feed them daily.  

When Joining our Location in Port-elizabeth you have the Opportunity to get involved in many extra projects (at no extra cost).  The Church and Centre run the following projects that you can get involved with:


*Child care Projects

*School to school Music and Evangelism and Preaching

*Teaching Projects

*Church Leadership

*Soccer and sports Projects

*Church Leadership


*Clinical and Medical

*Church on Sundays and Getting involved in the Church leadership Projects

*Feeding and Evangelism

*Church courses that run in the evenings

*House to house Evangelism in the Townships

*Arts and Drama


Please do let us know before arrival what you expect from your time here with us, and what your talents are.  Its in our best interest for you to have the best time whilst you are with us and we want you to feel like your time has impacted the Less Privileged people (whilst you are with us).  


This program runs daily – Monday to Friday Except for school Holidays. During the school holidays you are most welcome to get involved in our other activities within the Church and Centre.


(Please note school holidays are: 28th March - 7th April, 21st June - 15th July, 20th Sept - 1st October, 4th December - 16th January).  The schools are closed on these dates, however our other projects do still run on these dates, so you are most welcome to get involved in our Feeding projects, Evangelism, school to school ministry work, helping out at the Church and enjoying Safaris on the weekends.


Volunteer programs begin every Monday of each month (Please arrange for your flight to arrive at PORT-ELIZABETH Airport on a Monday) If this is not possible then we will make a plan to collect you, however we do prefer it if you can arrive on a Monday.  Volunteers can choose from 1 week to 96 weeks.  We do have a 6 month Evangelism and Church leadership Programme running from the 28th January until the 28th July that you may Join if you wish to pay less and come and serve with us Long-term.


Prices include Airport pickup and drop off on departure and a welcoming from our Staff, Safe and Secure Accommodation, transport to and from the Project daily (Monday to Friday), Transport to buy food weekly, Pick up and Drop off for Church on Sundays, and a brief Orientation.  You will have the weekends free to explore and enjoy our Garden Route safari if you wish to join.

Prices exclude flights, travel insurance and visas.



$370 / £245, for the 1st week and $330/ £215 for every additional week.


To Register with us there is a once off Fee of $295 / £180 (a once off registration fee). This registration fee will be discounted to $250 / £150 if you pay us within 5 days from when you send your registration form to us.   When you submit your application form to us, there is also a small $10 / £8 application form fee to pay. This fee pays for our www.lovetogive.co.za feeding projects. 


What do your fees pay for?

·  Registration Fee –

Web-design Costs, Program marketing costs, administration costs, Volunteer in Sa fund and feeding the Less Privileged people, communication costs with volunteers. 

· Volunteer Program Fee –

Airport pick up/Airport Drop off, Basic Orientation, Program supervision and welcoming by staff at airport, Safe and Secure Accommodation, Internet (the internet in South Africa is not uncapped), weekly shopping trip to buy food, Transport to and from the projects (Monday to Friday) and transport to and from Church on a Sunday if you wish to Join.  Project costs and some staff fees.


What additional costs will you have?

The Volunteer must provide for the following:

·         Visa (you will get a 3 month visa on entry to South Africa free of Charge if you hold a : UK, USA, OR EUROPE PASSPORT), flights, Travel insurance.

·         All volunteers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure

·         Mobile phone / internet charges (only if you wish to purchase additional internet to chat on Skype etc). A variety of mobile network carriers provide good coverage for both mobile phones as well as internet facilities.  You may let your service provider know you are coming Abroad, or you may buy a South African Mobile Phone at the cost of around $20 for a cheap phone.

·         Watsapp and BBM do work in South Africa to message abroad (as long as you have a android phone, Smart Phone or Blackberry phone and you may put roaming on your phone before departure). It is normally more cost effective to locally purchase pay-as-you-go air-time and data bundles compared to roaming options. 

·         Spending money for essentials, souvenirs, etc.

·         If you wish to do activities on the weekends then you will need to bring extra money for this.

·         You may book a safari by emailing us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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