Live with the children and teach them to Surf in Cape town.

Do you want to work with Children whilst Living with them?  if so, Then this is the perfect project for you.

“Share your Love and Care with Underprivileged Children whilst staying in beautiful Cape town”.

This project is all inclusive of Breakfast and Dinner Monday to Friday, Accommodation, Transport Monday to Friday, airport pick up and drop off, shuttle to and from Church on a Sunday, free wi-fi (whilst living in a children's safe house with other volunteers, staff and the children).

Enjoy your time adding Hope and love into Children's lives whilst living in the children's house in Steenberg Cape town. This project offers a free surf lesson, and the opportunity to learn to surf with the children and encourage the children to surf. We also welcome professional surfers or volunteers who already know how to surf.  At the Home stay project, you will be assisting the children with their home work after school, and there after the children's reward is to go surfing once their home work is done. We also encourage the volunteers to prepare a short bible study for the children if they wish too.  The children also love praise and worship and Pray. 

You can choose to join our child care Centre in the Mornings helping with the little children. Or you can choose to join our Surfing project on its own.  If you choose to Join both projects then child care runs from 7:45am - 1pm followed by a 1.5 hour lunch break, and then Home work starts at around 2:30pm followed by surfing with the children at about 3.30 pm when the children have finished their home work. Please let us know if you plan to join our child care project in the mornings or if you only want to join the Surfing project. 

The Leaders at the child care say: "We saw the need at our local township to teach life skills and education to the children, so we decided to come alongside the children and invest in their lives showing them the love of Christ and teaching them life skills.  The children that we work with come from very poor backgrounds.  There-fore our hearts are to show them the Love of Christ and to walk alongside them bringing them into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ (we would love it if you could share in on this vision and come and Join us).

Our Surf school was started out of a desperate need for education, parenting and caring (especially after school hours).  Many of the children were left alone to care for themselves or were being looked after by members of the community whilst their parents worked.  The children need help with their home work daily. Some of them have no parents. We encourage the children and help within the school and child care center's with activities for the Children.  As a Volunteer you will assist the children with home work after school and some bible study and there-after you and the children will have the opportunity to go Surfing at Muizenberg main beach.

The children really need 1 on 1 interaction and time. 

When Joining us, we encourage you to bring your God given talents, and share this with the children in need.  (Please discuss your talents with the leaders on arrival) so they can organize for you to help in the areas of your talents.  You will have the Opportunity to get involved in extra projects we run (at no extra cost). 

*Child care and teaching Project - reading, arts and crafts, assisting with home work and bible study with the children.

*Learning to Surf and teaching the less privileged children to surf, bringing them the (bible) word.

*Counciling one on one with the children.

*Church on Sundays and Getting involved in the Church Serving if you would like too. 

*House to house Evangelism in the Townships

*Arts and Drama with the children at the child care center. 

Please do let us know on arrival during Orientation, what you expect from your time here with us? and what your talents are.  Its in our best interest for you to have the best time whilst you are with us and we want you to feel like your time has impacted the Less Privileged people (whilst you are with us).  

The Surfing program runs daily – Monday to Friday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm or you can join our child care center from 7:45am to 1pm in the mornings too.  The child care centre also runs daily Monday to Friday except During the school holidays. You are most welcome to get involved in our other activities when the school is closed.

(Please note school holidays are: 28th March - 9th April, 23rd June - 16th July, 29th Sept - 28th October, 11th December - 16th January, the schools are closed on these dates, however our other projects do still run on these dates and we need help at the children's home during school holidays.

This location runs all year round.


Volunteer programs begin every Monday of every week (Please arrange for your flight to arrive at Cape town Airport on a Monday preferred) If this is not possible then please make sure your flight arrives on a Tuesday, however we do prefer it if you can arrive on a Monday.  Volunteers can choose from 1 week to 96 weeks.  You will be given a 90 days visa free of charge on entry into South Africa as long as you Hold a EU, British or American Passport.  Please let customs know that you are here on Holiday visiting South Africa (to avoid confusion).

Prices include: Free Surf lessons, Breakfast and Dinner Monday to Friday only - a set menu If you have allergies or don't eat certain foods, then you will be taken to buy food at your own cost, free wi-fi, Airport pickup and drop off and a welcoming from our Staff.  Safe and Secure and Neat Accommodation living in the house with 6 children from the community, Pick up and Drop off for Church on Sundays, free transport to and from the projects daily, a trip to the shops to buy food once a week, and an Orientation of Muizenberg area and the township area (where the children are from) on arrival. You will be shown where the banks and shops are and we will assist you in getting a sim card for your phone to work in South Africa and wi-fi on your phone too. You will have the weekends free to explore the garden route at your own cost to hire a car. Car hire is around $15-$30 a day. The volunteers usually hire cars together. You can speak to the leaders to assist you in booking any tour you would like to book.

Prices exclude flights, travel insurance and visas. (You will get a free 90 day visitors visa on entry to South Africa).

To Register with us there is a once off Fee of $260 / £199 (a once off registration fee). This registration fee Reserves your place with us and does not have an expiry date. This fee covers the office running costs at Volunteer in South Africa, as well as our feeding program at 


1 WEEK $320  283 euro's 448 AUD  R4500 
2 WEEKS $540  479 euro's  755 AUD R7600 
3 WEEKS $760  674 euro's 1063 AUD  R10641 
4 WEEKS $980 869 euro's   1370 AUD  R13722
5 WEEKS $1200  1065 euro's 1677 AUD  R16800 
6 WEEKS $1420 1260 euro's   1985 AUD R19883 
7 WEEKS $1860 1650 euro's  2600 AUD   R26040
8 WEEKS $2300 2040 euro's   3215 AUD  R32200
9 WEEKS $2740  2430 euro's  2830 AUD R38365 

What do your fees pay for?

·         The $260 Registration Fee to reserve your place with us covers VSA – Web-design Costs, Program marketing costs, administration costs, Volunteer in Sa fund and feeding the Less Privileged people, communication costs with volunteers. 

·         Volunteer Program Fee in the table above covers your – Airport pick up on a Monday and Airport Drop off on a Monday, Orientation around the Township and Muizenberg, Free transport to and from projects daily, Free Surf Lesson, Program supervision and welcoming by staff at airport, Safe Neat and Secure Accommodation living with the children and staff, 2 free meals a day Monday to Friday (Breakfast and Dinner) A set menu, Free wi-fi, Project running costs, Transport to and from Church on a Sunday.   Please note our primary currency with the pricing above is in USD rate. So please check the updated exchange rate against the USD rate if you are not from USA.

What additional costs will you have?

The Volunteer must provide for the following:

·         Visa (you will get a 90 days visitors visa on entry to South Africa free of Charge if you hold a : UK, USA, OR EUROPE PASSPORT. Please let customs know you are visiting on Holiday,
·         All volunteers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure
·         Mobile phone. A variety of mobile network carriers provide good coverage for both mobile phones as well as internet facilities.  You may let your service provider know you are coming Abroad, or you may buy a South African Mobile Phone at the cost of around $20 for a cheap phone and Data at around $5 a week. The cheapest option is to buy a South African phone when you get to South Africa. Please ask our staff for a letter stating our Adress so you can buy a South African sim card, our staff will take you to sort your sim card out too.
·         Watsapp and viber and face book do work in South Africa to message abroad (as long as you have a android phone, Smart Phone, iphone or Blackberry phone and you may put roaming on your phone before departure). It is normally more cost effective to locally purchase pay-as-you-go air-time and data bundles compared to roaming options. 
·         Spending money for essentials, souvenirs, etc.
·         If you wish to do activities on the weekends then you will need to bring extra money for this.
·       flights and Travel insurance need to be booked by you at your own cost.


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