Zanzibar Island Teaching, Child care and Orphan care Project

Do you want to work with less privileged children on Zanzibar Tropical Island? (then this is the perfect project for you).  

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“Assist with adding HOPE AND LOVE into Children’s lives on Tropical Zanzibar Island”.

The program runs daily from Monday to Friday, From 8am-1pm and then again from 1pm-5pm. (You can choose to help a half day or a full day) We need help with assisting in the classrooms and helping with Sports in the afternoons (with a lunch break). As a volunteer, you can bring your strengths and skills to the Project, and assist with the talents you have. We always encourage our Volunteers to use the skills and talents at the Project.  Volunteers have the opportunity to assist the local preschool teachers at the School in the mornings and then helping out in the afternoon is optional.  Our aim is to reach out to Many Less Privileged children, adding HOPE and LOVE into their lives, improving the education in Zanzibar Island. The children have a great need for 1 on 1 interaction. Your help will be so much appreciated at the school.  The children love having visitors and the Teachers really appreciate the assistance.
As a volunteer you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the Beautiful Tropical Island, whilst helping the poorer villages. You will have the opportunity to work with the Local Teachers and People in the area, whilst enjoying the Tropical Island and Spectacular Coastline of the Zanzibar Island. You are most welcome to Pray with the children and share the love of Jesus with them.

Fees are due 1 month before arrival:
FEE PER WEEK- STAY FOR LESS THAN 2 MONTHS  $290   235 euros   £205 
Fee for the 1st week only (includes airport return)   $380  308 euros  £270

FEE PER WEEK - STAY FOR MORE THAN 2 MONTHS  $250   205 euros   £180 
Fee for the 1st week only (includes airport return)  $340  275 euros  £240

Prices exclude flights (Please try and book your flight to arrive on any Monday or Tuesday of the Month), Travel insurance and visas (you will need to pay $50 for a three months visa on arrival at the airport and $100 - $200 for the visa Permit.  The visa can be purchased at the airport on arrival into Zanzibar.  Our team leader will collect you on arrival at the Airport.  Please budget an extra $40 - $50 for food per week. (Our friendly staff will take you to the shop once week to buy food). We have a lovely fully equipped kitchen for you to use for cooking your food in.  There are also lots of restaurants within walking distance from the house. Most the restaurants have free wi-fi. 

What do your fees pay for?

• Registration Fee due to reserve your place with us $260 – Web-design Costs, Program marketing costs, administration costs, Volunteer in Sa fund, food fund feeding the less privileged people and communication costs with volunteers.

• Volunteer Program Fee above (due 1 month before arrival) – Basic orientation, staff costs to supervise, accommodation in an African Style Neat Accommodation,  in-country administration costs, pick up and drop off (At airport on arrival and departure), shuttle to buy food weekly, shuttle to Church once a week. Free wi-fi at the restaurants surrounding our volunteer house. You can also buy a sim card and wi-fi for your mobile phone on arrival.

What additional costs will you have?

The Volunteer must provide for the following:

·         Visa (you will get a 3 month visa on entry to Tanzania – Zanzibar at only $50, if you hold a : UK, USA, OR EUROPE PASSPORT).

·         Voluntary permit (Volunteers will have also to prepare +- $100 -  $200 for the Volunteer permit, we will apply for this for you at no extra cost to you, except the Permit cost).

·         All volunteers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure. (Please ask your physician which injections they recommend you have). Most our volunteers get a Hepatitis BRabiesHepatitis A andTyphoid injection before departure from their country.

·         Mobile phone/ internet charges. A variety of mobile network carriers provide good coverage for both mobile phones as well as internet facilities. It is normally more cost effective to locally purchase pay-as-you-go air-time and data bundles compared to roaming options. Please ask your service provider to check if your mobile phone will work in Zanzibar, else you can purchase a phone locally. Our leaders will take you to buy a phone and airtime on arrival.

·         Spending money for essentials, souvenirs, etc

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