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Victory Gap Year

VGY Is a 1 year Discipleship Program.
We Believe in equipping, empowering, and sending this generation to advance the Kingdom of God.



Victory Gap year is located in the beautiful seaside village of Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. Our Accommodation and houses are within the Jeffrey’s Bay village close to beaches and famous Surfing spots. We have many Students coming from all around the world to equip themselves, and experience the transformative power of God.  Victory Gap Year is a unique and amazing experience; providing a healthy environment for you to learn about life and leadership whilst coming into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is the year for you to establish your identity in Christ and build a solid, Biblical foundation into your life, whilst developing your leadership and character. By joining our Victory Gap year program, you will be setting yourself up for a life of Purpose, Destiny, and Significance. Through joining Victory Gap year, You will encounter a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. Our Church, Victory Church is an amazing place to come and encounter the Lord, meeting other amazing people and experiencing the Love of the Lord, You will experience God transforming your life.  Joining Victory Gap year will give you the right tools in life to make an impact in any walk of life God has called you to.

Victory Gap Year is a ministry within Victory Church Jeffreys Bay, making a significant impact in the town, the Kouga area, and around the world. Our Church falls under Church of the Nations so we have cluster Churches based in USA, Canada, UK and Worldwide. You will be in safe hands when Joining us. Our accommodation is neat, clean and safe. We offer meals included in the price. Making the year an affordable experience for you.

Our senior pastors, Louis and Edna Els, have always had the vision to see young men and women equipped for the challenges of life with an understanding of the Kingdom of God. In the year 2000, Victory Gap Year started as “Year of Training” with just 10 students in a house donated to us by generous people who shared the vision. It was a humble beginning, but since then we have grown into multiple schools with diverse disciplines. Hundreds of students from around the world have come and had their lives transformed by the power of God.  

All Victory Gap Year students reside in our student houses situated in prime spots around Jeffreys Bay. The houses are gender based, providing very good opportunities to build lasting friendships, as well as learn and implement social skills within a healthy environment. The students, under the supervision of specific leaders, run each house themselves; they will learn the basics of running a household, as well as establishing responsibility and stewardship.


All of the Victory Gap Year specific streams go through the Victory Gap Year core curriculum, which lays a sturdy Biblical foundation in the lives of our students. These core subjects and activities expose them to life-changing learning experiences and establish a Biblical worldview. The core curriculum covers subjects concerning the foundations of the Christian faith, understanding the ways of the Kingdom of God, as well as your identity as a son or daughter in that  Kingdom. The curriculum also includes other activities for the purpose of team and character building, as well as being part of and serving our Victory Church family.


Worship is more than just a song; it is a way of thinking, it’s a way of believing, it is a way of living. We were created for worship. Living a life of worship means reflecting Christ within you to the people around you. In the Worship stream, we work to establish a new generation of worshipers to go out into any sphere of society and usher people into the presence of God. Pursue your passion for music. Cultivate your calling as an artist. Embrace a lifestyle of worship that will bring others into the Kingdom of God. The WORSHIP stream is about equipping, empowering, and sending a new generation of musicians and artists to advance the Kingdom of God.


The Victory GAP Year fees cover the cost of tuition, Meals and lodging during the duration of the course (January to graduation in December). In detail, our fees cover:

  • All meals (except during holiday breaks)
  • Accommodation
  • Travel costs – to and from lectures and for any organized activities or outreach/mission events that take place within South Africa
  • Orientation, Outreaches, Camps, Missions, etc.
  • Books, resources, VGY clothing
  • Personal – Laundry & Internet
  • General upkeep of the residential properties and vehicles
  • Contribution towards the running of the administration office





Application fee

Payable upon application


Registration fee



The yearly fees are due upfront by the 13th January 2019

Payable on acceptance (this is non- refundable)


 (Is the full years fee) which covers Accommodation, meals (except in school holidays) and transport, laundry, internet and staff costs See list above of what else is covered by the fees you pay.




R68,250.00 per year




Rock School books & exam fee


Music Tuition (R500 per term)


Music Theory Examination




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