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The Project is based in Coffee bay, wild coast, Transkei, South Africa. World re-known for great surfing. Our missions camp coffee bay is situated among the rural Xhosa people. We also have a house that we stay in within the village. You will get to live within the local rural area of Coffee bay and experience the real African Xhosa people.   Coffee bay is a beautiful place situated in Rural Africa. Its real Africa and a great experience meeting all the rural tribal people. Our location is safe and situated close to many beaches and coastal walks. We are also 1 hour hike from Hole in the wall which is very well known. We have lots of waterfalls surrounding coffee bay which are great to visit whilst you are here.


Volunteers must be 18 years or older, unless accompanied by an adult.  If you are 17, then we require a letter of consent from your parents for you to join our Project.  No specific skills or qualifications are necessary besides a love for children and a willingness to help.  You need to be fit enough to walk to and from the projects and up and down hills.  All volunteers must have adequate travel Hospital insurance.


Our main aim is to build the missions camp coffee bay. This land will be used as a platform to impact the community from. We welcome teams and individuals to come and join our Vision of building up Coffee bay missions camp to impact the community of Coffee bay, showing them the Love of Christ. 

You have a choice of either doing building all day, else building from 8am-3pm followed by youth development in the afternoon: Homework, surfing and soccer on the beach.
Please let us know your preference. We are also partnered with schools in need. 

Our current main focuses are:

*Building up the missions camp Coffee bay.

*Followed by youth development in the afternoon Surfing and soccer on the beach in warm waters.

*Assisting children after school with their home work - Reading, Maths, bible study and science assistance needed.

*Church on Sundays (We all attend Victory Church in Fish hoek).

*Arts, Music and Drama at the child care Centre (this is only an option if there is no building work to do).

Please do let us know before arrival or when you arrive, what you expect from your time here with us, and what your talents are.  Its in our best interest for you to have the best time whilst you are with us and we want you to feel like your time has impacted many Less Privileged people whilst you are with us. 

We also Encourage you as a Volunteer to bring your talents and use them at our projects.  Our team greatly looks forward to working with you and we are sure that you will leave here with a whole new Family and Church Family in South Africa.

We as an Organization believe that education is the only ticket out of poverty and community transformation. 

Any art materials, bibles, Stationary, old clothes, shoes and blankets are a welcome donation to the community. Please let us know if you plan to bring any equipment over for the children. We will then go with you to hand your gifts out or allocate them to our projects which most need them (whatever you prefer), thank you for your kind heart we do appreciate the help. The community are always in need of any basics (soap, toilet paper, tooth paste, tooth brushes).  We also have many other projects that involve feeding many less Privileged people and teaching Surfing in other townships within South Africa.  You can view our other partnered projects we are helping at 


Volunteers will be housed in a comfortable Accommodation (African style).  Fresh Bedding is provided for individuals and teams must bring their own sleeping bags (sheets and pillows will be provided). We provide a fully equipped kitchen for you to cook in. There are shops within walking distance from our accommodation and the main shopping mall is 20 minutes away on the local taxi. (Please budget $4 return for the taxi) and budget around $50 a week for food.  Bottled water is available in South Africa. Our accommodation is safe and secure.  


Volunteers will be met by our staff member at the umthatha airport on the 1st and 2nd Monday of the month.  Orientation will take place in the afternoon on the day you arrive or the next morning.  Your orientation will cover safety tips such as: transport, safety, tour of Coffee bay, showing you the beaches and shops and a rural walk among the local people.


You may also Join our Amazing Game Park project for 2 weeks after our Coffee bay location- which is situated 7 hours bus ride from Coffee bay the tourist bus is: 

Whilst volunteering with us you can also enjoy the following safaris and Adventure at your own cost:

·         Open Water One Scuba Dive Course

·         Shark Cage Diving

·         Sky Diving

·         Sand boarding

·         Scuba Diving

·         Horse riding and hikes to hole in the wall and to the waterfalls

·         Surfing lessons


Population:  49,320,000 

Official languages:  English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu

The main languages are: English and Afrikaans.

Climate:  Temperate climate: warm summers, cool and warm winters.

Currency:  Rand (ZAR)

Time zone:  SAST (UTC+2)

Gallery of our Volunteer house and Children's Home.

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