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The Project is based in Muizenberg, only 30 minutes from Cape Town City Centre.  Muizenberg beach is one of Cape Town’s most magnificent beaches and is renowned for the most consistent wave in Cape Town. We are based in the Sea side Village close to: shops, internet access, free wi-fire (15 minutes per day) and situated close to the beach. We teach Surfing and Educational Programs to Many Less Privileged children from the Vrygrond Township just 10 minutes away from Muizenberg.


Internss must be 18 years or older and able to swim. If you are below 18 years old then you need to come with an adult or send us a letter of consent from your parents to Join us.  No specific skills or qualifications are necessary besides a love for children, a willingness to help and a reasonable level of Fitness.  Being an intern involves being responsible as you will be seen as ’staff ‘ within the running and Management of the projects.  All Interns must have adequate travel insurance.


The children we teach are aged between 6-15 years old.  This Project gives you the opportunity to build rewarding relationships with the children.  The children can speak English although their home language is Afrikaans or Xhosa. Volunteer’s mornings are spent learning to Surf or Teaching Surfing lessons to the children alongside the coordinator. In the afternoons you can help our with the following activities that run most year round:
  • Surfing program
  • Soccer program
  • Literacy and Reading program
  • Ocean Conservation and Environmental Education
  • Maths program
  • Computer literacy and programing
  • African Drumming and Creative movement
  • Arts and Crafts program
During your time at this Project you will have the opportunity to take part in most of these program areas as well as learn to surf. Short-term volunteers (less than four weeks) attend most program areas in a general capacity. Long-term volunteers (four weeks +) spend their first two weeks attending most program areas after which time their interests and skills lead them to focus on one or two specific areas.  (You won’t be guarenteed to join in on all the above projects, as they run throughout the year).
Projects will vary based on your skills and interests and the present needs of the program co-ordinator at the time.
Due to the nature of life and work our schedule is very changeable as we constantly adapt to changing circumstances. For this reason programmes we offer are an outline only and not a strict schedule.
The centre is short staffed due to the large volume of children in need. You will experience the satisfaction of watching these children progress and develop. Your role as volunteer is very important in changing and shaping these children’s lives. This project is loads of fun and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.  Any old clothes, shoes and blankets are a welcome donation to the community.  They are always in need of these. 


Interns will be housed in comfortable, Secure and cosy accommodation, only a 5-10 minute walk to the beach and shops/ restaurants.  Bedding is provided but volunteers must bring their own towels. Bottled water is readily available in South Africa however the tap water is safe to drink.  A R350 food allowance per week is included to buy food (the volunteers usually cook together in our fully equipped kitchen).


Interns will be met at the Cape Town International airport and transported to their accommodation in Muizenberg. Orientation will take place on the Monday morning after arrival or on the Tuesday if you arrive late on Monday.  It will cover General safety, transport, supermarkets and shops, entertainment and a brief tour of the Township.


Official languages:  English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu
Climate:  Temperate climate, warm/hot in summer and cool in winter.
Currency:  Rand (ZAR)
Time zone:  SAST (UTC+2)

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