Wild Coast Internship Programme

Do you want to work with pre-school and teen children? 

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“Work with Rural African children and help run projects”.

Invest in the lives of children in rural Africa, on the magical Wild Coast of South Africa, this is a beautifully breath taking place to visit. You will get to see the famous ‘’Hole in the wall’’ and experience the true African Culture, whilst meeting some Great people. 
This programme is based in the Remote Coastal village on the Transkei Coastline, where many faith based people are working hard to make a real difference in the lives of the local community. 
Interns will assist the local preschool teacher at the Child Care Centre in the mornings, as well as Helping with office administration and management of the projects within the NGO.  We are reaching out to Many Less Privileged children, adding HOPE into their lives
In the afternoon your time will be split between assisting at the community library and a computer based programme for high school learners. 
Education in the Transkei has stood out to be the most neglected and deprived in the whole of South Africa. 
Our project has a Great need for Volunteers that can come and assist in Teaching and helping Teach these Children In desperate need. 
The costs are minimal and include accommodation in the village with a local family, an evening meal, orientation, an introduction to Xhosa and initial facilitation. The longer you stay, the less the costs are for this project.
Prices exclude flights, transport to the Project, Travel insurance and visas, breakfast and lunch. 


1 week - $195 /  £120

2 - 6 weeks - $195 / £120 for the 1st week and $90 / £50 thereafter

7 - 12 weeks - $195 / £120 for the 1st week and $80 / £48 for every week after

13+ weeks - $195 / £120 for the 1st week and $70 /  £42 for every week after


Prices exclude the Registration Fee of $295 / £180 (a once off registration fee). A percentage of these fees are donated as charity to the community.


What do your fees pay for?

  • Registration Fee – Web-design Costs, Program marketing costs, administration costs, Volunteer in Sa fund, and communication costs with volunteers.
  • Internship Program Fee – orientation, program supervision, accommodation and an evening meal,  in-country administration costs and staff fees.

What additional costs will you have?

*The Volunteer must provide for the following: 

  • Visa (you will get a 3 month visa on entry to South Africa free of Charge if you hold a : UK, USA, OR EUROPE PASSPORT),
  • All volunteers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure
  • Mobile phone/ internet charges. A variety of mobile network carriers provide good coverage for both mobile phones as well as internet facilities. It is normally more cost effective to locally purchase pay-as-you-go air-time and data bundles compared to roaming options.
  • Spending money for essentials, souvenirs, etc


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